New era begins in Marbella real estate business

Being an absentee buyer may not offer the ideal situation, but at Nordica we will make it very easy thanks to modern technology.

Modern technology has been impacting many different industries with its new tools and communication methods, real estate included, but while remote property viewing tools were already beginning to make inroads in Marbella before the Covid-19 situation, the travel restrictions imposed by the latter have resulted in a veritable revolution.

More than ever, buyers of property in Marbella are keen to see homes they are interested in using modern technologies developed from such fields as virtual reality gaming and movie production. So, Nordica has responded to this by investing in new methods that make it possible to continue to assist their clients from afar, arranging advanced viewing tools, video conference calls and the interactive exchange of information and designs.

However, to produce quality virtual tours and visual aids of this kind requires an investment in quality imagery, be it in the form of professional photographs, renders, floor plans, 3D imaging and subsequent post-production to put it all together in one cohesive, easy to use package that provides all the information pertinent to a home and represents it effectively.

Presenting properties remotely

Nordica has always believed in developing skills and working with the best professionals, so we possess the knowhow to not only present modern remote home viewing tools, but also to produce the material that goes into them. Our videos, walk-throughs, images, floor plans and also drone footage provides a truly reliable and representative picture of the Marbella properties we have for sale that will help you make informed decisions.

We have our own professionals who ensure that the material you receive is clear and qualified, and a perfect reflection of the actual home. What other company can boast having their own photographer and videographer who makes a live virtual tour for you – and dedicated agent to run through it all with you there and then?

About remote selling

Our clients are becoming increasingly open to viewing properties this way, making pre-selections and sometimes also final selections. During the COVID time we have sold several of properties using both normal and drone imagery, floor plans and video calls.

Most of our clients are very happy to work this way, as they are already familiar with the Marbella area and know what to expect in terms of settings, suburbs and homes. Moreover, you would think that it’s mostly younger people who are willing to use this kind of technology, but so are many of our middle-aged and mature clients—so virtual viewing is definitely gaining universal acceptance.

It’s not quite like meeting people in person, but you can also convey your enthusiasm and knowledge of the properties, area and market, and in this respect it works well too. We just trust in the properties we sell, and that the sales price and quality combination make it a great buy.

If anything, it’s actually a faster and more streamlined procedure, though of course there is a need to communicate in a clear, organised way, and of course we’re adapting to these new norms as property professionals. Clients still view properties online, make their selections, and then we go into the virtual viewing stage with the homes they have selected – and these techniques are becoming so good it’s like being at the house with them in person.

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